Tudor Gin in Collaboration with The Mary Rose Trust.

  • By Vince Noyce
  • 12th August 2020

As those of you who follow The Portsmouth Distillery Co. keenly will know, we like to be associated with big, iconic aspects of the City of Portsmouth. The Mary Rose Trust doesn’t get any bigger or better an example than this.

Late last year we had a meeting with the guys at the trust to put together a Gin for them. Tudor is the result of this wonderful collaboration. Using botanicals which were listed as having been present on board during the time of her sinking, a list of around 40, four were down selected to give a onderfully smooth gentile and flavourful Gin.

Much more of a London Dry style of Gin, Tudor really shows off the Hazelnut, Dandelion, Hemp seeds and Cherry to their best effects. There is an upfront smoothness, with a tiny bitterness from the hazelnut wich is almost instantly blown away by an explosion of cherry on the back of the palate, enticing you to take another sip.