Cask Club

What is the Cask Club?
In November 2018 The Portsmouth Distillery Co. (PDC) opened, with the main intention to become the UK’s premier rum distillery.

In May 2022 we released our first aged expression – ‘1812’. This is our 3 year old rum, the first made from scratch in England and authentically aged. To celebrate this, we invite you to become a member of The Portsmouth Distillery Co. Cask Club (PDC Cask Club), and own your own slice of history.

This historic rum is now available for Investment or Corporate/Own-Brand Bottling.
From The Distiller
The Portsmouth Distillery Co. aims to be at the forefront of rum production in the UK. My background is very much as a consumer, with no industry experience prior to 2015, when Giles and I started The Rum Club Ltd. I have enjoyed rum since the first time I tried it as a child. Throughout my adult life I have been blessed to have been able to try many hundreds of rums from all over the world. For me rum is a way of life, a lifestyle, it is the glue in so many communities around the world, bringing people together both socially and financially.

It is this passion and love for rum that I have brought to The Portsmouth Distillery’s ethos, ideals and production methods. When we started the business, we had two red lines. First we had to set up in an historic building, of which there are plenty in and around Portsmouth. Second I was not going to produce a Molasses based rum.

Our home is the historic 18th century Fort Cumberland, where we make our spirits surrounded by the sea and centuries of naval history. Our commitment to you is to produce the highest quality of spirit for both immediate consumption and to age.
How Does it Work?
There are essentially two models: Investment Purchase or Corporate/Own Brand Bottling.

Investment Purchase
Once your cask(s) has matured for a minimum of 3 years, your rum can be sold back to the Portsmouth Distillery (see below for ROI options). Our rum is aged in 200L ex-bourbon barrels. These ex-bourbon casks are sourced from various distilleries and cooperages in Kentucky, allowing us to select the finest bourbon barrels available. Made from American white oak, charred and seasoned, these casks impart flavours of vanilla, caramel, spice, butterscotch and fudge into our new make spirit. These casks also give our spirit a creamy texture and a golden colour.

Corporate/Own Brand Bottling
Once your cask(s) has matured for a minimum of 3 years, you can either decide to mature it for longer – 5, 7 up to a maximum of 10 years (separate charges apply for annual storage after 3 years). At your chosen point we bottle and label on site to your own specification giving you between 350 and 400 bottles of your very own authentically aged rum.
Find out more...
Get in touch with us to reserve your cask, or find out more! We will be more than happy to talk you through the process in detail - and answer any questions you may have.