Fill up Fridays

  • By Vince Noyce
  • 26th April 2019

In the spirit of being green and to provide greater value for our repeat customers, we have decided to launch Fill up Fridays.

As the picture shows we have our three spirits decanted into 20 litre barrels with taps so tat we can easily fillup you already purchased bottle. This means we can sell the Fort Gin and 1968 Rum at £30 a top up and the Cinnabar at £32. This will make you our customers are happy and we have all played a small part in the protection of our planet as we reuse the bottles.

The way it will work is:

You bring along you empty bottle.

We cross out the UK sticker and apply a new one.

We will then refill same bottle from the barrel.

You pay and we have a chat about what we are up to and you keep abreast of events. You leave content.