Forum is a deliciously refined Rum that’s made like a Gin. A fabulous new botanical “Garden” Rum.

We carefully distil twice with selected botanicals including: Elderflower, Gorse Flower, Sweet Orange Peel, Lime Peel and Coriander.

Best served with a light tonic and a squeeze of lime!

41% ABV

Weight 1.6 kg

13 reviews for Forum

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  1. Guy Barrie (verified owner)

    New kid on the block but very tasty.

  2. Bryn (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite drink now, actually tend to have this instead of my usual gin.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Laurence Pitt (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchases – these were bought as presents, after having tasted so I knew that they are great products. However, the service in my order being fulfilled was amazing. Have now booked a tour in July, and looking forward to seeing how the magic happens!

  5. chris ashworth (verified owner)

    Very prompt delivery everytime

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A deliciously refined Rum that’s made like a Gin.

(13 customer reviews)